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CLI Offers New Workshops

CLI works hard in the field of education every day, hand-in-hand with curriculum leaders, while staying abreast of the most pressing imperatives in the field of education. We know that your professional educators need to apply current techniques for maintaining classroom transparency and reporting student achievement. Check out our newly available workshops!

Designing Valid Assessments and Using them Well

Writing Measurable Learning Targets to Create Instructional Units

Develop a Scoring Guide to Measure Student Learning on a Unit of Instruction

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CLI Model for School Improvement

Our model for school improvement makes curriculum development and alignment work for all education professionals. Starting with the foundation of Governance, CLI works with school districts to develop a customized, local process for curriculum development, alignment, and assessment.

The first step of Governance is the creation of a curriculum policy, which establishes a Curriculum Coordinating Council (CCC). Council whose duties include:

  • creating a curriculum policy and long-range plan
  • making decisions about teacher implementation requirements, grading, mastery, and assessments
  • and looking at the district vision and/or mission statement, for starters.
  • More About the CLI Model
    Life Liberty Law

    Life, Liberty, Law: NEW RESOURCE!

    Looking for a way to work CIVICS lessons into your standard curriculum? Would you like your students to understand more about their freedoms, duties, and responsibilities to their country? We have recently revised a trusted resource: Life, Liberty, Law, for grades kindergarten through third grade. This resource makes learning about civics fun and engaging!

    See PRODUCTS for more information!

    Our Services

    Full Service Contract

    CLI’s full-service contract begins with 18 days of on-site service, and increases as the district progresses through the model. A CLI consultant works regularly on-site with your staff, guiding you through all steps of the CLI Model. Additionally, the consultant provides off-site services such as preparation of agendas, tailor-made handout materials, or annual reports; review of curriculum documents; or planning of staff development activities. In-between the on-site visits, the consultant and district leaders have continued communication via email and telephone.

    Partial Service Contract


    CLI’s partial service contract begins with 13 days of on-site service, and increases as the district progresses to 15 days through the next two years of implementing the CLI Model. This option is particularly designed for small school districts that would struggle to implement the CLI Model as rapidly as a larger district. 


    Although the model is fully implemented, the progress through three years will not be as comprehensive as a larger district might experience in the same time frame.  The pace is modified to allow a small staff to complete each step without becoming overwhelmed. A CLI consultant works regularly on-site with your staff, guiding you through every step of the model.


    Additionally, the consultant provides off-site services such as preparing agendas, providing template examples, and reviewing curriculum and assessment documents as requested by the district. Consultant may also plan staff development activities. In between the on-site visits, the consultant and district leaders have continued communication via email and telephone.

    Optional Service Contract

    In this contract agreement, CLI provides on-site services ranging from 1 to 17 days through the contract year. Options for such services include:


    superminicheckThe consultant visits the district regularly to guide you through the CLI Model. Your staff completes assignments in-between visits.


    superminicheckThe consultant provides training on key points of the CLI Model.


    superminicheckThe consultant provides training during your regularly scheduled in-service days. Such training might include one of our two- or three-day workshops. 


    superminicheckThe consultant provides services to meet the special needs of your school or district. Contracts are frequently arranged according to a school or district’s specific requirements.

    Consortium Services

    CLI will work with your educational consortium to save you money as well as assist the district or districts you partner with.

    What Others are Saying . . . next prev

    • The CLI process not only meets the goal of establishing a vertically and horizontally articulated and aligned curriculum, it provides an incredible professional development experience for educational staff involved in the process.

      Supt. Carmen Ayala, Berwyn North SD, IL

    • The CLI Model revolutionized our curriculum. As a result, our achievement has categorically improved.

      Supt. Mark Fredisdorf, Pleasantdale SD, IL

    • This program is not packaged or scripted. It is locally developed and empowers teachers to act as the experts in the field.

      Supt. Marty Kobza, Sheridan County SD #1, WY

    • CLI has been working with our school district for over twenty years assisting us with curriculum development. They are an outstanding organization whose partnership has helped us develop a local curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core Standards and the State of Wyoming Standards.

      Supt. Kirk Hughes, Converse County SD #2, WY

    • Our partnership with CLI has enabled us to grow teacher leaders, administrative leaders and create curriculum processes and instructional practices that will enhance student learning for many years to come. This is the most important work we do.

      Sara McGinnis, Curriculum Director, Sheridan County #1, Ranchester, WY

    E-Hints from CLI Professionals

    Fidelity to the New Curriculum

    In scientific research, certain conditions need to be followed carefully in order to have reliable results.  Procedures are put in place to ensure variables are isolated because the influence of extraneous variables can greatly affect the outcome of an experiment in a favorable or negative way.  Implementing a new curriculum is similar to conducting a

    Read More


    Leaders Hungry for Details of Systemic Change

    In this month’s E-hint, we present a list of questions to initiate and open a dialogue regarding district-wide academic processes among stakeholders within a district.  These challenging questions could help an administrative team affirm or evaluate their current curriculum structures and processes.  The questions are posed from a first-person perspective from within a district.Read More