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Testimonials & Letters of Recommendation

Wanda Maloney, Chief Academic Officer, Sweetwater County School District #1, WY

“Curriculum Leadership Institute is a key factor in the successful development of an aligned system which connects curriculum, instruction, and assessment. It provides a voice for stakeholders with a clear vision for moving through the complexities of changing standards.” Click here for the complete letter.

Devin Embray, Superintendent, Glenwood Community School District, IA

“This model demands a change in leadership from management focus to an instructional focus. The training takes instructional leaders through the process of first and second order change and puts in place high expectations for accountability of staff and students.” Click here for the complete letter.

“CLI has been a critical partner in the development of a curriculum that is aligned and comprehensive but most of all useful for our teachers. This process aligns perfectly to our Professional Learning Communities and ultimately has improved student achievement.”

Marty Kobza, Superintendent, Superior Public Schools, NE

Kelly Gentry, Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment Director, Morris County Public Schools, KS

“If you want to build a strong K-12 academic program that sustains itself over the years CLI should be your partner.” Click here for the complete letter.

Carmen Ayala, Superintendent, Berwyn North 98, IL

“The CLI model has not only had a positive impact on student achievement, the model has also provided teachers with a framework that establishes rigor, a common vocabulary and a common understanding underlying standards-based instruction.” Click here for the complete letter.


“Our partnership with CLI has enabled us to grow teacher leaders, administrative leaders, and create curriculum process and instructional practices that will enhance student learning for many years to come. This is the most important work we do!” Click here for the complete letter.


Tiffany Kohl, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School District #307, IL

“CLI provided the structure and organization to move forward and this has resulted in decision making and action taking that leads to improvement.” Click here for the complete letter.