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  • Free Resource: Life, Liberty, Law

  • Online Curriculum Hub

  • Training Materials

Life, Liberty, Law

Newly-Revised K-3 Civics Resource 

Are YOUR students “Civic-Ready?” Can your students relate laws to their personal everyday lives? Do they have a tangible understanding of what laws are and equally important, WHY they are necessary and HOW they work? Civics is a hot topic right now and at CLI, we have a tried-and-true resource that has been recently revised. Life, Liberty, Law is written by Carol Roach, former CLI President and experienced classroom educator. 

Life, Liberty, Law promotes citizenship, understanding of the law, and development of character. 

  • Designed for easy integration into your existing curriculum
  • Standards-Referenced
  • Easy PDF Download
  • Internally linked document for quick navigation
  • Fun, interdisciplinary activities kids will enjoy!

LLL lessons have been used by The American Bar Association, Boy Scouts of America, Boys and  Girls Clubs of Hutchinson, KS, and the Character Counts Coalition.

Preview sample aligned lessons in PDF format:


To download the complete K-3 editions of Life, Liberty, Law for FREE, please click the button below:


Online Curriculum Access and Organization

Do you struggle to keep track of your curriculum, instruction, and assessment documents? Do you wish there was just one central location that teachers could go to find the most updated versions of their work? We can make this happen for you!

CLI can create and maintain an Online Curriculum Hub to store all of your district curriculum, instruction, and assessment documents in an organized manner. We can include calendars and communication items as well. Teachers can add it as a bookmark directly to their browser for easy access throughout their workday. Currently, we offer this service as an add-on option for client districts only. 

Demo Online Curriculum Hub

The CLI Model is thoroughly detailed and documented with processes, samples, and guidelines in our four notebooks: Developing Local Curriculum: A Comprehensive Guide, Implementing Standards in the Classroom, Creating Effective Outcome Assessments, and Foundations of the CLI Model. These resources are available for our client districts either online in digital format or in hard copy. You decide which would work best in your district!