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End-of-the-Year Checklists

Here it is!  The end of the school year is looming largBlue checkliste on the horizon ahead of us.  The push is download_pdf_smaccelerating to make sure tasks and documents are complete before teachers leave for the summer, and that everything is arranged so that planning and organizing can occur for the next school year.

Because it is a time for celebrations and adjustments, the list of details seems overwhelming in the rush to close the year.  For a district implementing the Curriculum Leadership Institute (CLI) Model for curriculum, instruction, and assessment, there are step-by-step checkpoints that should be reviewed annually to assure nothing is overlooked.

Governance – Curriculum Council (CCC) Checklist

minicheck Tasks Notes
Curriculum documents slated for draft implementation are scheduled for completion, review, and interim approval.
Curriculum documents validated and revised through implementation data are completed and scheduled for CCC and school board approval.
An audit for effectiveness of working groups has been completed, evaluated, and priorities for improvement established.
The end-of-year summary of activities report is prepared for communication to the school board, district as a whole and community.
A schedule of work for next year has been completed and shared with participants.
The district mission, mastery definition, curriculum policy and regulations, and grading decisions have been reviewed and possibly revised based on discussion and feedback.
CCC and SAC memberships are updated for the next school year.

Curriculum – Subject Area Committees (SAC) Checklist

minicheck Tasks Notes
Curriculum documents are completed for implementation next year.
Validated curriculum documents are stored securely, shared with teachers, and given public access.
Resources have been identified and requested.
Professional development needs have been shared with CCC for planning.
Schedule of work activities and tasks to be completed for next year have been shared with teachers.
Validated curriculum documents are now considered to be final, so are recorded and carefully stored.

Instruction – Teacher and Building Principal Checklist

minicheck Tasks Notes
Instructional planning evidence (from IPRs) is completed according to CCC guidelines and available within the district.
Resource recommendations are complete.
Professional development has been requested, if necessary.
All feedback for curriculum validation has been provided to the SAC.
Plan time for pacing guide review or completion has been established.

Assessment – District Office and Building Principal Checklist

minicheck Tasks Notes
Common assessments are complete and ready for validation by teachers.
Validated common assessments are stored securely and will be shared with teachers according to CCC guidelines.
Validated common assessment scores have been collected, reviewed, and stored for use in discussions and decisions by instructional teams.
All feedback for assessment validation has been provided to the appropriate SAC.
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