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Support Staff

Ilah and Leslee manage the CLI home office in Emporia, KS. They have both been with CLI for many years and have a great understanding of our client needs. They are the ones who will take your phone calls and answer your questions or arrange for a consultant conversation. They keep track of schedules, handle contracts and invoices, and are responsible for brochures and the management of other publications. CLI consultants depend on Leslee to make travel arrangements and also to assemble and ship all training materials for our client school districts, as well as academies and workshops.

Ilah’s and Leslee’s knowledge of both our client needs and the needs of our consultants helps make the CLI organization run smoothly and efficiently.

Lori brings her training as an Instructional Designer to improve web design and function, to facilitate online communication via content delivery, and to grow CLI’s online social media presence.


Manager of Administrative Services


Central Office Manager


Media Specialist