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Leadership & Consultants



Stu is the founder of Curriculum Leadership Institute (CLI). Stu has served as executive director of the organization and president of the CLI Board.  Stu has resigned from the CLI staff position Research and Development Specialist as of July 1, 2016, but will remain active in the organization as a board member. He remains available to assist research efforts. He retired from Emporia State University (ESU) in May of 2014 where he served as professor of school leadership in the Teachers College. He served as a director of student teaching, department chair, assistant dean, executive director of a research and development center, and leadership consultant for two regional service centers. Stu has conducted research and written extensively in the areas of public school curriculum, school improvement and teacher education.  His ongoing initiative is to assist schools in better defining and implementing true academic leadership.


President, Consultant

When Rhonda first started working with CLI, she was a high school science teacher and also served as curriculum director for her school district. These experiences provided Rhonda first-hand knowledge of the role of teachers and administrators in the CLI Model, and cause her work with school districts to be truly valued and appreciated. Rhonda started as a part-time CLI consultant, then became full-time, eventually serving as vice president of the organization and she now has the role of president. Rhonda has worked with a wide variety of districts across the country, ranging from small, rural districts to very large metropolitan districts. She is especially proficient in governance issues, and in the creation of aligned curriculum and instructional design, as well as the interpretation of assessment data, and accreditation issues. Rhonda has also served as an adjunct professor with the Department of School Leadership/Middle and Secondary Teacher Education, The Teachers College, Emporia State University. She taught online graduate classes in curriculum and instruction.


Vice-President, Consultant

Stacey was involved with the CLI Model throughout most of her teaching career. She was a member of a CCC, served on and chaired SACs, and spent four years as a local curriculum director. She was also on school improvement teams that focused on assessment preparation, data analysis, and building accreditation. She is valued as a consultant by teachers and administrators because they know she has actually experienced the steps of the Model from their point of view. Stacey first began serving as a CLI consultant on a half-time basis, then moved to full-time, and now serves as the organization’s vice-president as well as consultant. Stacey has worked with districts of varied sizes and locations, and has directed all phases of the CLI Model in all grade levels and subject areas. She is frequently requested as a consultant because of her patient and attentive way of listening, analyzing local needs, and providing expert guidance.



Before becoming a full-time CLI consultant, Emily was a high school business and computer education teacher. When her school district implemented the CLI Model, Emily was an active participant in the process. She has valuable hands-on experience from the viewpoint of a teacher, designing outcomes and components, implementing curriculum, and creating and validating assessments. Emily has served on various types of committees, including the leadership and transitional teams. She helped set goals for school improvement and to make changes to major school policies, including grading policy. Emily’s specialty is in utilizing technology throughout the CLI process and while communicating with school districts. She also has a background in management and enjoys motivating and inspiring others.


Online Consultant

Heddi’s first teaching experience was in a district that chose to implement the CLI Model, so she has first-hand knowledge of how the classroom teacher is impacted by the resulting changes. Her subsequent experience as a teacher in both rural and urban districts has strengthened her belief in the use of the Model, and she has written numerous publications focusing on practical classroom applications. Heddi has conducted training in all aspects of the curriculum development process, and is a specialist in outcome analysis to develop Instructional Planning Resources. Most recently, Heddi has become a certified Online and Blended Teacher and completed the Leading Edge Certification for the Professional Learning Leader.




Margie served as the assistant superintendent for curriculum, instruction, business, and finance in Dooly County School District, Vienna, Georgia and was in this capacity for almost 20 years.  Margie served as a special education teacher and early childhood teacher for a number of years before entering into administration.  She has successfully obtained numerous grants to improve the education of Georgia students and has served on committees at the state level to better education.  Margie first began working with the CLI in the late 1990s, implementing all steps of the model in her school system.  Having had this first-hand experience for such an extended period of time has increased her understanding of the importance of well-aligned curriculum, instruction, and assessment, and how the CLI Model helps districts accomplish these goals.  This also makes Margie a valuable resource and respected consultant for other districts participating in the CLI processes.