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About CLI

The Curriculum Leadership Institute is a non-profit organization that works with school districts, consortia, service centers, state departments and other education agencies to provide training and leadership for improving student learning.

In 1982, Dr. Stuart Ervay, a professor at Emporia State University, started using a systematic process with Kansas school districts to initiate change in the management of school district curriculum. This first successful step served as a catalyst for a more complete model of curriculum, instruction and assessment — and thus marked the beginning of the Curriculum Leadership Institute. The CLI Model, a specific and step-by-step process for these three necessary components of student learning, has evolved over time through actual practice in districts of all sizes; consequently, it is truly a “what works” model. CLI consultants are knowledgeable because they have had first-hand experience in long-term implementation of the model in school districts nationwide. Each year, the CLI contracts with a limited number of school districts, consortia, and service centers to provide on-site assistance. These field-based services enable consultants to work directly with educators to meet their schools’ specific needs.

Our Mission

CLI’s mission is to provide leadership in academic governance and the creation, implementation, and assessment of curriculum that results in quality student learning.