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About CLI

The Curriculum Leadership Institute is a non-profit organization that works with school districts, consortia, service centers, state departments and other education agencies to provide training and leadership for improving student learning.

In 1982, Dr. Stuart Ervay, a professor at Emporia State University, started using a systematic process with Kansas school districts to initiate change in the management of school district curriculum. This first successful step served as a catalyst for a more complete model of curriculum, instruction and assessment — and thus marked the beginning of the Curriculum Leadership Institute. The CLI Model, a specific and step-by-step process for these three necessary components of student learning, has evolved over time through actual practice in districts of all sizes; consequently, it is truly a “what works” model. CLI consultants are knowledgeable because they have had first-hand experience in long-term implementation of the model in school districts nationwide. Each year, the CLI contracts with a limited number of school districts, consortia, and service centers to provide on-site assistance. These field-based services enable consultants to work directly with educators to meet their schools’ specific needs.

CLI not only provides services, but also publishes monthly articles titled, Curriculum Leadership Institute E-Hint. The E-Hints address a myriad of topics in education and “what works”  tips from school districts.

The Curriculum Leadership Institute is headquartered in Emporia, KS. Feel free to contact us with your questions.