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25 Top Tech Sites

tech-educationContinuing our “TOP-25” anniversary celebration theme, here is our list of top 25 technology websites, categorized by purpose.

Informational sites:

Online visualization tools:

  • StoryboardThat – create digital storyboards for a variety of classroom projects.  FREE for individuals, paid for teacher account
  • Easel.ly – allows students to create infographics to organize information. FREE
  • A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods – an index organized as a periodic table that demonstrates a variety of ways students might share information visually. FREE
  • Powtoon – create animated videos and presentations that are much more complex than a Powerpoint. FREE and paid options
  • TimelineJS – tool for creating visual timelines. FREE
  • Emaze – online presentation creator as an alternative to PowerPoint. FREE and paid options
  • Screencastify – web-based tool for making screencasts using the Chrome browser. FREE and paid options
  • Prezi  – an option for making presentations more fun! FREE and paid levels
  • Projeqt – create dynamic presentations that include Tweets, audio, video and more. This website allows you to make your presentations really fun! FREE

Online writing tools:

  • Inklewriter – use this tool to write branching “choose your own adventure” type stories. FREE
  • Bubbl.us – Colorful online mind mapping tool. Great for brainstorming as a group or for older students to do on their own; excellent pre-writing activity! App available. FREE and tiered pricing levels

Instructional and quiz tools:

  • Quizlet – study tools and games for students. FREE
  • Nearpod – interactive lessons and real-time assessments. Allows classroom to access a lesson together via a device. Browse through pre-made lessons. FREE at individual level
  • Schoology – A Learning Management System that allows teachers to create a virtual classroom environment. Allows for a network of teachers – great district-wide. Simple assessments can be graded and recorded as well. FREE at individual level
  • PollEverywhere – a website to house and publish polls with the option to display real-time results. Another great way to make learning more interactive. FREE and tiered pricing
  • Socrative – provides instant feedback for custom formative assessments (quizzes, questions, games). FREE
  • Quizizz – Create quiz games to formatively assess your students in game play. Students can move through the quiz at their own speed and see which answers they got correct and which were incorrect.  FREE
  • Kahoot – Website for creating quiz games. Students compete against one another question-by-question and get updates after each question to see who is in the lead. FREE

Interactive sharing:

  • VoiceThread – Transforming media into collaborative spaces with video, voice, and text commenting. Single instructor, school and district licenses for fee. Free to create or explore public VoiceThreads.

Information curation:

  • Paper.li – Website to create a “newspaper” based on a topic that you create. Your newspaper is updated regularly with articles, blogs, etc. related to that topic. FREE and Pro levels
  • LiveBinder – Organize your links into instruction virtual notebooks, or search for existing notebooks for easy lesson planning. FREE and tiered pricing

Virtual field trips:

  • Skype in the Classroom – Connect with other classrooms via Skype! Skype is not to be forgotten as a free and easy way to bring meaningful guest speakers, virtual field trips, and real-world interactivity into the classroom. FREE