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How Can School Officials Respond to Critics of the CCSS?

Many school district educators are now asked challenging questions about the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Much political debate centers on whether the CCSS should be supported or discarded. Perhaps some of the debate is due to a fundamental misunderstanding of what the CCSS actually are. One school district representative recently asked, “What do we say to folks who challenge what we are doing because they don’t like the CCSS?” Here are some suggestions.Read More

A New Look at Verification of Alignment with Standards

In the CLI Model, the Subject Area Committee (SAC) completes a three-to-four-year process of writing and validating curriculum, and writing and validating assessments.  One of the early steps in the curriculum-writing process is to use state standards as guidelines when making decisions about what will be in the newly revised curriculum.  SAC members also look for gaps and redundancies and make decisions concerning the vertical alignment of skills and concepts. …Read More

Aligning Assessments for More Than One Purpose

With the need to demonstrate accountability to multiple agencies, today’s classroom teachers must use assessment time efficiently. Teachers implementing a new local curriculum are often frustrated trying to use assessments already in place as well as create additional assessments for the new curriculum. Since neither the school day nor the school calendar has been extended, the time spent on assessments in such a situation has been disproportionately increased. Perhaps the …Read More