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Starting the Year Off Right

As we approach the start of another school year, there are many staff members who play a role in the success of the school. A CLI Model district has designated leadership teams with specific roles.  The Curriculum Coordinating Council (CCC) is responsible for making academic recommendations for the district, while Subject Area Committees (SACs) are grade level and/or course representatives designing curriculum, instructional plans, and assessments for a content area. …Read More

Checklists to Begin the School Year

Welcome back! The start of another school year is rapidly approaching and it’s time to plan for success! All faculty members have responsibilities that impact the rest of the district. Whether you are a CCC or SAC member, administrator, teacher, or district office staff, the school improvement process involves you! The following checklists will help keep you on track from the first day of school through the last. Curriculum Coordinating …Read More

The School District’s Decision-Making and Action-Taking Culture

Your school district has a culture with many different personalities and traditions that might suggest a label and description. Below are shown some LABELS and DESCRIPTIONS that might apply to your school district. Try to pick one that is closest to yours by rank-ordering the following, with 5 being the closest fit and 1 being the worst fit. ______STATE-DRIVEN DECISION/ACTION CULTURE: Decisions: based on compliance with state standards and other …Read More

Schools That Break the Mold

Many of the practices we choose to incorporate into our schools are now required to be research-based. Within the last decade, there has been much research done to find the common characteristics of successful schools — especially of successful schools that “shouldn’t” be successful. These special schools do not have the usual demographics of successful schools, which makes them especially interesting to researchers. For example, even though they may have …Read More