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Compliance and School Leadership

Local effectiveness in academic leadership is often measured in terms of how compliant educational professionals are in acceding to externally imposed standards, meeting accreditation mandates for achieving certain program targets, and causing students to perform well on high stakes tests.  The idea of compliance has been a major part of everyone’s school improvement agenda. The purpose of this article is to offer suggestions on how to think and act when …Read More

Reaching Quality Consensus

The E-Hint, The School District’s Decision-Making and Action-Taking Culture, discusses that culture and concludes by telling us that according to research, the consensus-driven culture yields the most positive results. However, simply implementing a consensus approach is not enough to accomplish those desired results. Here are some points that should be remembered when using any kind of consensus model: QUALITY CONSENSUS ISN’T ATTAINED BY THE USE OF “BUY-IN” MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES Most …Read More

The School District’s Decision-Making and Action-Taking Culture

Your school district has a culture with many different personalities and traditions that might suggest a label and description. Below are shown some LABELS and DESCRIPTIONS that might apply to your school district. Try to pick one that is closest to yours by rank-ordering the following, with 5 being the closest fit and 1 being the worst fit. ______STATE-DRIVEN DECISION/ACTION CULTURE: Decisions: based on compliance with state standards and other …Read More