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Using Data to Improve Instruction in Five Steps or Less

Now, review the three essential pieces already mentioned above: curriculum, assessment, and instruction. Begin with the locally-written curriculum. Check the alignment of the curriculum to the state standards; particularly the standard that students performed poorly on. Ask yourself or your PLC these questions: Does the local curriculum require the same skills and knowledge as those in the state standards? Is the “essence” of the standard the same when it was …Read More

How Can a School Produce and Manage All Those Data?

In an E-Hint titled, Schools That Break the Mold, two of the characteristics present in those schools were: Decisions based on data that result in changes in instruction. Frequent and ongoing monitoring of pupil progress. Those two characteristics require that the classroom teacher be able to input relative data quickly and easily and that the data be available to a variety of audiences in a timely manner. Of course, technology …Read More