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Schools That Break the Mold

download_pdf_smMany of the practices we choose to incorporate into our schools are now required to be research-based. Within the last decade, there has been much research done to find the common characteristics of successful schools — especially of successful schools that “shouldn’t” be successful. These special schools do not have the usual demographics of successful schools, which makes them especially interesting to researchers. For example, even though they may have large percentages of poverty or minority students, their students still are making gains in achievement. One title given these schools is, “Schools that Break the Mold.” So what do all of these schools have in common? The following states their common characteristics. What we are excited about is that each characteristic is also inherent in the CLI Model! If you would like more information about which pieces of our model include these characteristics, please contact our office.

What is present in those schools that “break the mold?” 

▪ Early intervention

▪ High expectations for all students

▪ Curriculum to standards

▪ Decisions based on data that result in changes in instruction

▪ Frequent and ongoing monitoring of pupil progress

What is present in those schools that “break the mold?”

▪ Use of research-based approaches to professional development

▪ Redefined leadership roles

▪ Active engagement of parents and community as partners

▪ System -wide approach to improving instruction